Sell it if you must

Immediate liquidity

Sell Gold

If you need to sell all or part of your gold holding then My Gold Platform is the right place to do so. We currently only offer this service to clients who originally purchased their gold from us.

We continually strive to offer the best price for gold in the market. The price we offer will be a market leading price, based on the ruling spot gold price.

The process is simple and secure –

 Contact us

We will discuss the items you wish to sell.

Fix a price

We will agree a price with you and fix it for your security.

 Implement the sale

Gold stored by My Gold Platform will be released from storage and the agreed price will be credited to your bank account.

There is no fee charged for this service but all bank charges are for the client’s account.

Receive your money

We credit your account with the agreed price via bank transfer.

Full disclosure

Complete documentation will be emailed to you as confirmation of the transaction.

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