What storage options are there for my gold?

There are a number of options depending on your requirements. The most secure and flexible option is to store your gold in one of our secure facilities. With your purchased gold in one of our facilities, it is fully insured against loss or damage, and can be sold back to My Gold Platform at 98% of the current London spot price.

Should you choose to take delivery of your gold purchase, then you can either store at home, in a secure location, or in a private bank vault.

What assurance do I have that my gold is actually in your storage facilities?

All My Gold Platform storage facilities are overseen by independent auditors. Our client’s gold products are stored as individually allocated batches and are subject to an annual physical stock count, in the vaults, by independent auditors.

Are my gold products insured whilst in your storage facilities?

Yes, there is comprehensive damage and loss insurance cover for all your gold products stored in our facilities.

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