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We only deal in the actual physical metal and not “paper gold”

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What we believe!

Gold is a simple and honest investment. We have identified eight key issues that are important in the process of investing in gold. Our business model is designed around this reliable process with the objective of ensuring the safety of your investments. 

Helping you to preserve your wealth is where our focus lies.

Best Product

We have selected only the best blue-chip gold products available. All of these are LBMA certified or COMEX deliverable and are guaranteed for purity and fineness. All the bars and coins we recommend are produced by the world’s best refineries and are known and accepted throughout the world. We only deal in the actual physical metal and not “paper gold”.


Although we are largely an online business, we are available to talk to you. A free personal consultation is also possible by arrangement. Sharing information with you and building relationships are important to us and form the cornerstone of our business model.

Simplicity and privacy

We require minimal personal information from our clients and absolutely protect their data. We will not transfer, disclose, sell, distribute or lease your personal information to any third party. Registration is fast and easy. The product range has been carefully researched and buying is simple and safe.

Portfolio Structure

The product range covers a wide spectrum of gold bars and coins, with different weights. If you are making a large investment, then the portfolio structure is vital. Liquidity is important. In the future you may wish to sell only part of your holding and to allow for this flexibility you need to select some smaller denomination bars.

Secure Storage

We offer high security storage for those clients who require it. Our storage rates are extremely low. All bullion in storage is physically allocated to each client and stored under your own name with a unique account number. All goods are fully insured through Lloyds of London.

Safe Delivery

The security of your purchase is of utmost importance to us. All your orders will be shipped free of charge and will be fully insured.

We offer this service as standard for the mainland UK. For our international clients we are able to ship to many international destinations. Please contact us for any requirements in this regard.


This is perhaps the most important consideration when storing physical gold. Governments have a history of confiscating citizen’s gold. The global banking system is considered to be unstable and not trustworthy. It is therefore important to select a historically secure storage jurisdiction that is also separated from all banking influence. The facility we use satisfies all these requirements.

Easy to Sell

The true value of gold bullion lies in its liquidity. All or part of your gold held in storage may be sold at any point in time. For gold stored by My Gold Platform on behalf of clients, we offer a minimum of 96% of the current spot price. Payment is made to you via bank transfer within 4 days.

Welcome to My Gold Platform and the world of gold. Our objective is to build a relationship with you and in so doing, to assist you in “Guarding Your Wealth”.

Why buy from us?


We pride ourselves on our personal relationship with our clients. Talk to us for help with product selection and any other queries.


The security of your gold is our primary focus. All orders are dispatched fully insured and require your signature upon delivery.


For your security and peace of mind we accept payment by bank transfer and all major debit and credit cards. We are now also accepting cryptocurrencies.

Who are we?


10 years at management level in the banking industry.

10 years as an independent consultant in the financial services industry, specializing in investments and gold.

12 years consulting to companies and high net worth individuals regarding the acquisition and structure of a holding in physical gold.

A lifelong belief in gold as a true store of value.


Highly qualified and experienced in IT systems, Enterprise Architecture and project management.

After graduation worked as an Information Technology Manager for 10 years.

Thereafter held senior executive positions in a multinational company for 15 years.

Five years as a Strategic Technology Consultant to multiple large corporates. Loving the new challenges of the gold business.

We have analysed the international bullion market and selected the best for you, our client. The result is My Gold Platform. Enjoy the experience.